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How Commercial Buildings are Designed | BKDI Architects

Last updated 7 years ago

The next time you walk by a tall sky scraper or modern commercial shopping mall, think to yourself “Someone actually imagined that!” You may be surprised how shocked you are. But every commercial or office building began as a concept before it was built.  Read on to learn the basic points of sustainable commercial building design.

There are three basic steps to designing a commercial or office building.

1. Conceptualize the building design

First, the architect must conceptualize the design of the building based on the information provided by the client and the findings of a site analysis. Designing a high-performance building that is both sustainable and maximizes utility is important—the goal is to not have to sacrifice functionality for environmental friendliness and energy independence.

2. Drafting the design

The second step is drafting the design. In drafting a sustainable, high-performance building, there are a few goals that must be maintained: space and land use both need to be optimized, energy needs to be used efficiently (in construction and in building use), and environmentally-friendly products should be used. These factors make a huge difference in building design, the construction process, as well as the impact on the environment. These drafting decisions are made based on client demands, the architect’s prior experience, and commercial design fundamentals.

3. Implementing the design

Drafting and conceptualizing often happen over and over as client preferences are clarified. When everything is done, the architects enter the final step: implementation. In this stage, the architects put the final touches on the design and work with contractors to build the commercial building that suits the client’s needs.

If your company is interested in designing a commercial building, then contact the commercial architects at BKDI. Our specialty is designing high-performance, sustainable commercial spaces of all kinds—from office buildings to shopping malls, we can help you design the perfect commercial building.

Visit our website for more information.


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